We unceasingly improve quality of our windows, terrace doors and front doors since 1997 while seeking to attain the highest standards of thermal efficiency, comfort, durability and safety.

Profiles of our windows were created in Germany and Scandinavia. Over long years, these profiles enabled us to implement solutions for even the most complicated systems of wooden windows.

Our values:

– Unique solution and satisfaction of individual needs. We always look for the best solution to meet the unique need of each individual customer.
– Ongoing product improvement. From the very beginning of our operation, we always worked to improve our product: we implemented constant quality control of raw materials, followed technological innovations and always sought materials that could ensure the highest thermal insulation and the longest life time of our products.
– Product quality. Even when many producers succumbed to market demands for price cuts and responded by reducing quality of their products, we always kept product value and durability our priority and never cut the price by sacrificing quality.